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A little about us...

We are a group of professionals from the best universities world wide who came together to start this company.

Between us, we have over 40 years of experience across different industries including Technology, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Retail and Consulting at some of the world’s biggest companies. 

Having reviewed thousands of admission essays and interviewed hundreds of candidates, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to stand out from the crowd and make the cut at a top school. 

We come from diverse backgrounds, have eclectic interests but one common goal – helping students realize the dream of studying in a top tier school.

What makes us unique?

Insider's view of the Admission process

Each of us has had a close relationship with the Admission Committee and Career Services at our universities and so, we have an insider’s view of what happens behind the scenes.

Extensive experience in admission consulting

Whether you are a professional with many years of experience at a multi national company or someone with limited experience at a budding start up, we have mentored someone just like you.

success stories from across the globe

From the USA, Canada, Europe & UK in the west to India, Singapore & Australia in the East, our candidates are studying in the top universities in every corner of the world. So, no matter what your geographical preference is, we have you covered.

our promise

No bullshit

Dreams are great. But, dreams need to be realistic. During our very first conversation with you, based on your profile, we will be honest and candid with you about what schools you have a shot at and what is a tad out of reach. No bullshit.

personal attention

Our success depends directly on your success and so, we will invest time and effort on you the way we would invest it on ourselves. We will be your friend, confidante and guide throughout your journey.

Quick turnaround

We understand this process well and so, there will be zero waste of time doing things that do not add value. We will give you time-lines and stick to it and we expect the same from you.