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Who do we mentor?

MBA Aspirants

The experience at a top B-School can be life changing. Which is why getting into one is challenging. We have been there, done that and helped numerous aspirants like you realize that dream.

MS Aspirants

A Masters degree from a good school can unlock numerous opportunities across industries and ensure an awesome life at the end of the program. Leave it to us to walk you down that path.

UG Aspirants

Getting into the right Graduate program can be intimidating and confusing. The right decision at this juncture can catapult you into a meteoric growth trajectory. What? Where? How? We have the answers.

Why our clients choose us?

because we beat the odds!

We will help you compensate for a low SAT, GRE or GMAT score by highlighting other areas of your profile that demonstrate intellectual capability.

Have you had arrears or poor grades in some subjects? Do you have a low GPA? Don’t worry about it, we will make sure it’s not a deal breaker.

Have less than 3 years of solid full-time work experience? Do you feel the quality of your work experience is poor? Leave it to us, we will take care.

Have you worked predominantly in one country? Are you lacking in cross cultural experience at work? We know how to make up for that weakness.

Are you a programmer, associate or at some other junior role? Do you lack managerial experience? We will make sure your position in the corporate hierarchy is not an impediment to your aspirations.

Are you an Indian IT male? Do you think you have a profile that is undifferentiated? Leave it to us to craft your story and make you look unique and special.